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Who We Are

Founder – Paul M Hill

Paul hails from Birmingham where he attended King Edwards School in Edgbaston.  After obtaining his degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southampton in 1989, he joined Unilever in London as a Management Trainee where he qualified in the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA).  He then relocated to Manchester with Unilever and worked at National Starch as the UK Financial Controller before moving to Birmingham where he joined the Mergers & Acquisitions team at GKN in Redditch.  From here, he moved into Telecoms joining Marconi and then finally O2.  In December 2003, he founded PMH Capital Ltd., and in 2013 became a Final Stage prize winner (1st in Portfolio Construction Theory) in the CISI’s ‘Chartered Wealth Management’ exams.


What Do We Do?

Investment Research and Analysis: PMH Capital is a B2B consultancy firm, providing companies with investment research, consultancy and analysis services. Additionally we invest our own funds, using value and GARP based principles to identify potential deep value plays. Key customers include VOX Markets and their clients. Previously the company has also worked for numerous other firms such Equity Development, Moneyweek, Gaming Corp, etc

Deep Value Investments: the focus is to identify undervalued growth stocks that have strong balance sheets, scalable business models, tried and tested technology, an expanding customer base and very little debt, such as healthcare and software ‘platform’ groups.

Business Development and Sales: whether it’s breaking into new markets, expanding geographically or growing a niche product, there are lots of options for companies to further commercialise their platforms. PMH Capital can help you navigate through product/service development, introducing new profitable opportunities, understand the competition, market positioning and commercialisation through to support with contract negotiations.

Current Portfolio Investments

Stocks owned : EQLS, AGFX, Pfizer, Bristol Myers, Roche, WATR,  MBH, ASTO, IOM, VCT, TR25, ESYS, ELCO, IHC, Paypal & AOM.

Elsewhere, I’m also paid by Vox Markets (as an external contractor) to interview fund managers, capital market experts & companies (re: EQLS, VRCI, BELL, FIN, AVG, AVCT, LLAI, VLG, FADL, SUP, ELCO, LORD, MPAC & ONC). All these stocks are clients of Vox.

Lastly my 24 year HIT RATE is only 62.5%. Meaning 37.5% of the time I lose money (ie often wrong) – albeit my winners are (on average) 1.7x larger than my losers.  Please Do Your Own Research.

Interviews & Comment

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Smart Investing

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