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What we do?

  • Thoroughly prepare for the negotiations
  • Understand the strength of each side’s position and how best to achieve or exceed our client’s desired outcome 
  • Adapt our approach to the circumstances and your instructions

How we do it?

  • Seek a win:win situation, rather than a simple 50:50 compromise
  • Meet your opposite number personally where ever possible
  • Do not work for a “quick easy solution”, that might not be in your best interests

What we do not do?

  • Promise you an outcome that is not achievable
  • Use any tactics that are in any way offensive or immoral
  • Give anything away for the sake of a quick deal

Why use PMH Capital?

  • We stick by your instructions
  • Negotiating is a specialist skill that requires the type of expertise that we offer
  • Negotiating via a third party can be tactically strong, because we can choose to take further client instruction. That way there is no pressure on you for an immediate decision