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How can PMH Capital help your company make money?

1) Advise, support or even lead (if required on your behalf) negotiations with customers, suppliers and other 3rd parties, particularly with regard to price & contract issues
2) Appraise and enhance the value created from new business/product/service proposals, bid tenders and long term customer/supplier contracts
3) Plan, advise and implement business turn-arounds, cost-saving, right-sizing, survival management and cash maximisation programs
4) Help deliver the greatest value and most attractive commercials from proposed partnerships, corporate venturing, project finance (eg PFI/PPP), joint ventures and business development projects
5) Review and enhance the value derived from new capital and operational expenditure proposals
6) Providing strategic/tactical advice and investor research on value creation and/or other company programs
7) Provision of interim & project management for the above
8) All the above include a thorough assessment of ‘Price’ & ‘Value’, the pricing-in of risk, scenario analysis and gaming theory