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How can PMH Capital help your sales and business development activities?

Whether it’s breaking into new markets, expanding geographically or growing a niche product, there are lots of options for companies developing new business.

Indeed businesses are constantly seeking new ways to reach customers, promote their products and services, and persuade people to buy, for example using new media channels like the internet, e-mail and WAP/SMS.

PMH Capital can help you right through from product/service development, introducing new profitable opportunities/ideas, understanding the competition, market positioning, strategic alliances, commercialization, lead generation, advertising, customer/partner introductions, contract/price negotiations and to finally concluding the sale & making a profit.

Specifically we have detailed understanding and comprehensive sales contacts in the mobile/fixed line telecoms, and online gaming industries (see industry expertise).

PMH Capital can act both on a commission and a consultancy basis, thus de-leveraging a customer’s risk profile, which can be particularly useful in the early stages of a new startup business.